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  • What are the hours for the half day pricing?
    Half day pricing is scheduled for a 4 to 5 hour rental.
  • What are the hours for full day pricing?
    Full day pricing is scheduled for a 6 to 8 hours rental.
  • What happens if it rains?
    Our inclement weather policy states you have 24 hours prior to your event date to cancel your rental for a full refund/or we will do our best to reschedule based on availability.
  • Can I get a refund if it rains?
    There is no refund once the inflatable is delivered and set up. Please refer to our inclement weather policy to cancel or reschedule your rental.
  • What happens if there is a storm passing through during the time of our reservation?
    The safety of our customers is most important! A team representative will be in contact with you in the event of a quick passing storm. We may ask you to stop operating the inflatable unit until it is safe to do so. Please cooperate with all instructions and heed advice from our team member. Do not hesitate to call if you have questions or concerns.
  • Can you set up the bounce house on concrete?
    Subject to owner approval and weather conditions. Please call (262) 676-9001 or email
  • Can you set up the bounce house on asphalt?
    Subject to owner approval, weather conditions. Please call (262) 676-9001 or email
  • Do I need to provide an extension cord? Water hose?
    No. Blue Sky Inflatables will provide all equipment required to operate your inflatable unit. You are welcome to assist and provide your own, but it is not required. Please indicate your needs when calling for a reservation.
  • How much space do I need?
    All measurements for each inflatable unit are listed on our website. Please take the time to measure your backyard space, free of overhanging and low-lying obstacles.
  • I have an in-ground sprinkler system, will this be a problem?"
    If you are aware of your underlying water lines, please communicate with the delivery personnel. They will place the inflatable in a space free of underlying lines.
  • I am not sure if we have underlying electrical lines, gas lines, or water lines. What should I do?"
    We recommend that you call Diggers Hotline, 811, to assure there are no underlying electrical/gas/water lines where you want to place the bounce house. This is a free service to you. Please plan accordingly.
  • We have a slight incline/decline slope to our backyard space. Can we still setup a bounce house?
    Yes, most small slopes will not pose any issues with operating the bounce house. Our delivery team will choose the best location for the unit. If you would like to schedule an onsite assessment of your space, please call (262) 676-9001.
  • When should I expect delivery for my bounce house rental?
    Our deliveries are scheduled first thing in the morning based on Blue Sky routing and drivers. We aim to arrive at least one hour prior to the start of your reservation. You will be notified by a team representative of such details.
  • What time will you be back to pick up the inflatable unit?
    Your scheduled pickup time will be determined by Blue Sky Inflatables routing and drivers. We will arrive at the designated end time of your reservation or later. You will be notified by a team representative of such details.
  • Can we keep the inflatable overnight?
    Overnight rentals are subject to availability and approval plus the cost of an extra $40 fee.
  • You guys did such a great job! How can I show your business some love?
    We are thrilled you had a great time and experience! We would be more than grateful for a 5-Star Google review, passing along a good word to friends/family, sharing a beverage with our team members, a handshake & high five, and keeping us in mind for your next celebration! Tips are also greatly appreciated.
  • Unfortunately, we did not have such a great experience with our rental. Who can I speak to about our reservation?"
    I am sorry that Blue Sky Inflatables failed to meet your expectations. Please call our business (262) 676-9001 and ask to speak to an owner. We would be inclined to discuss your concerns in detail.
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